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DLP: Cost-Minimization/Cost-Consequence (CMA/CCA)

DLP: Cost-Minimization/Cost-Consequence (CMA/CCA)

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DLP: Cost-Minimization/Cost-Consequence (CMA/CCA) ...

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Cost-Minimization/Cost-Consequence (CMA/CCA)
Faculty: Renée JG Arnold PharmD, RPh
Module Description:
This module is an introduction to the role of cost-consequence (CC)/cost-minimization analysis(CMA) in medical decision making from multiple perspectives. It will describe situations in which CCA/CMA is the acceptable method of pharmacoeconomic (PE) analysis, the components included, computational methods, the concept of efficacy vs. effectiveness and establishing equivalent outcomes.
Learning Objectives:
By the end of the Cost-Minimization/Cost-Consequence (CMA/CCA) module, you will be able to:
  • State the role of cost-consequence (CC)/cost-minimization analysis (CMA) in medical decision making.
  • Contrast the price of a drug product and the cost of drug therapy.
  • Define the components of CC/CMA.
  • Understand the computations involved in CC/CMA.
  • Understand the concerns in attribution of cost components to a particular treatment arm.
  • Summarize the resources used in a therapy or service and assign monetary values to those resources.
  • Analyze the value for money from health technologies.
  • Summarize how CC/CMA are used in health policy decisions regarding government approval of and reimbursement for therapies.
  • Use and apply sensitivity analyses and discounting techniques in CC/CMA.
  • Explain how point of view and perspective affect CC/CMA.
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